FleXX Bars

The FleXX Bars provides the most comfortable ride possible and virtually eliminates vibration. No other handlebar on the market can provide its user with these benefits.

With the introduction of the FleXX Handlebar System, Fasst Company has taken the conventional handlebar design to the next level. The FleXX System provides the most comfortable ride possible and virtually eliminates vibration. No other handlebar on the market can provide its user with the benefits, that the FleXX System can.

At first glance the FleXX Handlebar System appears much different compared to any other handlebar. Its unique design incorporates moving and inter-changeable components that allow the rider to tailor the bar to his/her own preference. Choose from soft, medium or hard elastomers and set your ride height to your liking.

With proprietary materials, the FleXX Handlebar System will provide its user with a handlebar that is unmatched in today's handlebar market. The FleXX System will take your riding experience to the next level...

Here's the quick low-down:

  • Adjustable rise; customize your bar bend to fit you.
  • Full size bike handlebars are 32" wide.
  • Mini bike (50's,65's,80's) handlebar is 29" wide.
  • Quad handlebar is 31" wide.
  • We have 14 degree and 12 degree sweeps.
  • 14 degree is close to a stock Yamaha, and stock 2003 Honda bend.
  • 12 degree is slightly less sweep than the 14 degree bar.
  • Interchangeable elastomers to fit your riding style (soft, med, hard and stiff). All bars are shipped with medium, hard and stiff except mini's; they ship with soft, medium and hard.
  • Absorbs most vibration!
  • Ride longer and harder.
  • Reduce arm pump and hand fatigue.
  • Braking bumps and hard landings become less of an issue.

Anti-Vibration Bar Inserts

Since 1999 Fasst Company Anti-Vibration Bar Inserts have been used by top professionals to help them achieve their goal of winning championships. The high quality, made in the USA inserts are constructed out of brass, with an elastromeric expansion joint, mounted inside of the handlebar. They help to reduce the vibration of the bike that you feel through the handlebars

Fasst Company's Torque Wrench

Fasst Company 's new Spoke Torque Wrench is modeled after the unobtainable tool that factory motocross and offroad mechanics have been using for years. In fact it is used by the majority of factory and factory support team mechanics.

Fasst Rim Protectors

The Fasst Company Rim Lock Spacer takes the place of the stock lock washer on your rim lock. They spread the load evenly over the rim preventing flattened and stress-cracked rims. Because the rim lock spacer is the same radius as the rim it allows the rim lock to keep a better grip on the tire to prevent spinning and pulling the valve stem off the tube. The rim locks were designed to have that factory look and now come with 8mm Honda style flange nuts.Also available in red or blue.

Torque Wrench

Application Sheet for Spoke Torque Wrench Heads
F - fits front
R - fits rear
F/R - fits front and rear
Head sizes 5.0, 5.6, 6.0, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4, 6.5, 6.7, 6.8, 7.4 and Spline Drive.
Please let us know if we do not have a size to fit your bike.
  • Gas Gas
    • 6.0
  • Honda
    • CR 125/250/500 pre 2002 - 6.0 F, 6.3 R
    • CR 125/250/450F 2002-2003- 6.0 F, 6.5 R
    • CR 80/85-6.0
    • XR 250/400/600/650R - 6.0 F/R
    • XR 80/100-5.0 F/R
    • XR 50 ALL
  • Husqvarna
    • 99-6.2
    • 00-03 5.6F, 6.0 R
  • Kawasaki
    • KX 60/65-5.0
    • KX 80/85/100 - 99-02 6.0 F/R
    • KX 125/250 - 99-03 6.7 F/R, some earlier model KX 125/250/500 6.0 F. 6.3 R
    • KLX 250/300 - 6.0 F/R
    • KDX 200/220 - 6.0 F/R
  • KTM
    • All big bike KTM's are 6.8 F/R.
    • 65 - 5.6
  • Suzuki
    • RM 80 - 5.0
    • RM 125/250 ALL- 6.2 F, 6.7 R
    • DR/DRZ 250/350 - 6.0
  • Yamaha
    • YZ 125/250/400 pre 1999 - 6.0 F, 6.2 R
    • 99-03 YZ 125/250/400/426F/ 250F - 6.2 F, 6.7 R
    • YZ 80 - 5.6 F/R YZ 85-6.0 F/R
    • TT 250 - 5.6 F, 6.0 R
  • Spline Drive
  • Universal

We make heads to fit most nipple sizes. If your model is not listed or if you have any questions please call us